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Prior to my involvement, my boyfriend's skincare pursuits covered washing his face with body wash in the shower and using a body moisturizer whenever he remembered. It wasn't until we started living together that he would ask me, "Do you've a cream for this?," and point to a breakout on his brow or cheek. That's when I announced him to face masks preferably the peel off kind, and he hasn't looked back since. I could be naive if I ever concept my boyfriend would join in on the eight step regimen that I follow so intently, so I focused on the basics: cleanse, tone, moisturize, and treat.

When I developed a skin care events for him, I knew it had to contain minimum steps — three, maybe four steps max — and be easy to follow. So easy, I even numbered his merchandise in Sharpie once I witnessed him use the moisturizer before toner. To bring acne combating advantages that's his top skincare worry, I stacked his product assortment with a salicylic acid cleaner for his oily complexion and announced him to a beauty editor staple: acne patches. I'm not going to say he's a very modified man and does this hobbies everyday, twice a day, but he has come a good way from using body items on his face. When I hear his cleaning brush switch on from a better room over, I can't help but smile.

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